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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 9, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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a crossing guard, a child, and a parent all hit in a violent accident in antioch this morning and police say they're still looking for one person who ran from the scene. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story, coming up. wheels up for air force one after a very short, but very lucrative trip to the bay area for president barack obama. i'm bob redell. that story, coming up. and this one is a killer contest. a man downs dozens of live roaches and worms, sadly dies soon after. why he ate all these insects. also, a make-or-break moment for the a's and the giants. we'll have a live report on the push to stay in those playoffs. speaking of the playoffs, give you a live shot of the a's home field, over at
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are going to need to win three state to keep hope alive. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. we begin with developing news. just a horrifying scene near an antioch school. a crossing guard and two others seriously hurt when a car rams right into them this morning. this all happened near turner elementary school. and that is where nbc bay area's christie smith joins us live. christie, the question is, what exactly happened out there. >> reporter: well, good morning to you, jon. you know, i've been speaking with witnesses out here this morning, and they describe an absolutely horrible scene of a driver speeding and weaving in and out of traffic here on delta fair boulevard. the driver, they say, was in that audi that you see across the street turned on its side. they say the driver hit a curb so hard that the front wheel of the car actually fell off, that the driver hit another car in
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the intersection and three people standing on the corner, a crossing guard, the crossing guard's son, and a parent who was dropping off a child here at turner elementary school. this is just after 8:00 this morning. most students were already in class. witnesses say they really couldn't believe what they were seeing out here. a driver in that audi, not only ran the light, they say, but that he hit the car that was trying to make a turn into the school. no one in that car was hurt. that's the good news. but the crossing guard, a woman, was pinned underneath the audi. her child, from another school district that's out today, was also hit. witnesses say that the driver and the passenger actually climbed out of the audi and ran away. the witnesses were standing close by. >> i was walking to the light. i was at -- where the green thing is, and she saw me, and she pushed the button. >> she was pushing the button? >> and all of a sudden i feel and see this happen right in front of my face.
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>> what did you see? >> the car hit them, head-on. just went flying through the air. >> no brakes, nothing? >> no, just as fast as we could. >> both the driver and the passenger fled from the vehicle. the one individual returned. he's in his early 20s, claimed to be the driver. there is evidence of objective symptoms of intoxication. >> reporter: the child, the little boy, is 11 years old. we're told that he's expected to be okay. the adults were airlifted to john meier medical center, we're told, with severe injuries. antioch police say they're not even sure if the driver, who's now in custody, is really the driver or might actually be the passenger, who isn't telling the truth about what happened here. this person that they have in custody, though, they say, is in his 20s from oakland. the actual passenger, they say, has an outstanding warrant that they didn't say what for. we're also told that counselors will will be at the school today, helping any kids who might need it, and in case they saw anything.
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reporting life in antioch, christie smith, nbc bay area news. now to decision 2012. from the bay area to a battleground state, this morning, president barack obama is on his way to ohio, trying to win over undecided voters. he just ended his whirlwind trip to the bay area. this is video of the president's motorcade heading to san francisco international airport this morning. nbc bay area's bob redell is live at sfo where air force one just took office. did you get to say good-bye to the president, bob? >> reporter: he gave us a quick wave and then they shut the door and he did take off. good morning, jill, marla. yes, president barack obama boarded air force one and flew out of sfo just over an hour and a half ago, headed for campaign stops in the battleground state of ohio, a crucial state in his fight to win re-election. the president was in town here for less than 24 hours, enough time to attend three fund-raisers with a total net of roughly $4 million for his
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campaign. and also an opportunity to fire up his supporters, to remind them that this race is not over, especially now that he's slipping in the polls, after what was regarded as a poor performance during last week's debate with governor mitt romney. during one fund-raiser last night, the bill graham civic auditorium in san francisco, the president called on his backers to be honest obsessive over the next 28 days, asking them to knock on doors and call on friends and battleground states, and for anyone who questions his drive and dedication, after seeing him debate, he assured the crowd that he very much intends to win this election. he also attacked his opponents' own performance during last week's debate. >> a few nights ago, suddenly, a guy pretending to be mitt romney stood on a stage next to me and said he's changing his plan. he's just going to pretend it doesn't exist.
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what $5 trillion tax cut? i don't know anything about a $5 trillion tax cut. don't pay any attention to that tax cut behind the curtain. >> reporter: a new pew research center poll shows that among likely voters, governor romney holds a four-point edge over president obama, 49 to 45%. governor romney is also even with the president among registered voters. they're both tied at 46%. to give you some perspective, just last month, governor romney was trail the president by nine points. such a turnaround after last week's debate. reporting live here at sfo, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. and we do have complete coverage of the president's bay area visit online at, including insider details on the president's private events. and some san francisco voters, possibly inspired by the president's visit, getting a
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jump on the election. they are casting their ballots this morning for that early voting. this one will run through november 6th. hours are monday through friday, set from 8:00 a.m. in the morning until 5:00 in the evening. also in san francisco, it is decision day for san francisco's suspended sheriff, ross mirkarimi. the board of supervisors will vote on his fate today. the embattled sheriff pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges related to an argument with his wife that left her arm bruised. bay area political experts say the vote is the first modern test of the idea of official misconduct. today's vote will be held at city hall at 2:00. in order for mirkarimi to lose his job, 9 of 11 supervisors need to vote against him. and this morning, a judge handing down sentencing for jerry sandusky. the former penn state assistant football coach being sent to prison to serve 30 to 60 years behind bars for sexually abusing ten different boys. at 68 years old, the judge
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surprisingly felt the sentence for sandusky was sentence, sufficiently amounting to a life sentence. he arrived this morning to a pennsylvania courtroom to face 45 counts related to child sexual abuse. sandusky to this day maintains he is innocent of all charges. how much will pg&e pay for that deadly san bruno blast? the answer will be decided behind closed doors. the judge has approved a request to suspend public hearings and hold closed-door negotiations on this matter. local lawmakers are protesting this decision. they say the pipeline talks should not be hidden from public scrutiny. the judge says the suspension will allow a quicker settlement. eight people were killed and dozens of homes destroyed in the explosion on september 9th of 2010. uc berkeley graduate david wineland along with a french physicist are sharing this year's nobel prize in physics. the nobel committee making that announcement this morning in sweden. the duo, winning for inventing
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methods to observe properties of the quantum world, research that led to the construction of extremely precise clocks, and it also helped scientists take their first steps towards building. the super-fast computers. wineland holds a bachelor's degree from uc berkeley, and he grew up in sacramento. he is currently a physicist at colorado. so a big-time congratulations. >> we grow some smart people around here. >> indeed. >> in these neck of the woods. >> right here. i can vouch for it. christina loren, what's going on with the forecast? >> we've got some rain on the radar. good morning to you. we haven't seen this in quite some time. a pretty significant band of moisture trying to sneak onshore. not going to be the case. we're just expecting some isolated showers. but that's what's bringing in these beautiful mid-level clouds this morning. you can see that vividly from high atop san bruno mountain. there's our area of high pressure. let's show you where the showers are. at this point, most of the activity, and there's quite a bit of activity, is staying offshore. as we head throughout next couple of hours, we're just
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expecting some very light, spotty action. and that's really going to be over the south bay mountains and looking at that at the coast as well. temperature wise today, it's crisp out there, feels really, really nice, great for running. by tomorrow, we'll get a very cold start and a few light showers. thursday, the cold air moves in, so temperatures are going to struggle to break into the 60s. but i'm going to show you which cities have a better chance of seeing showers tomorrow and another shot as we head through friday morning. it's starting to feel a little bit more like fall around here. >> i like the feeling of slowly getting into it. >> i do as well. >> see you in a minute. thanks. >> go! go! go! you just heard the sounds from a killer contest. a man wins a live bug-eating contest but then loses his life. we'll tell you what happened, next. also, soaring gas prices biting a big-time chunk out of your wallet? when we could finally see some relief at the pump. and it is a must-win day in
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oakland. i'm jim outside the coliseum. we'll get you rid for the game between the a's and the tigers coming up in sports. and what's marla's cell phone number? we'll tell you, coming up. >> oh, really? >> wow. >> we'll hang around for that. >> those are some digits you might want, huh? just kidding. >> serious. >> a full look at the forecast when we come back. stay with us. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents
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he downed dozens of live roaches and worms in a gruesome contest and never lived to claim his prize. police in florida are investigating the bizarre death of a 32-year-old man. >> go, go, go, go, go! >> an autopsy report is expected on the contestant who died during a roach-eating challenge. this is home video shot during last week's event. after winning the contest, the man soon became ill and then
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collapsed. experts say unless the roaches were contaminated with some bacteria, they should have been safe to eat. investigators can still baffled over his death. >> no one has believed it. you know, everyone thinks that it's some sort of bizarre joke. but, no, it's the truth. and sometimes truth is just stranger than fiction. >> the other conteants all say they did not get sick after eating those roaches. the man was competing to win a python. >> that is a strange story all the way around. despite some recent and strategic moves by the governor, the fact is that gas prices are holding the steady. the late test numbers released by aaa show the average price for a gallon of gas in california rose by one cent overnight. it is now at $4.67 per gallon of regular. and over the weekend, governor brown, well, he signed an order telling the state air resource board to start producing the winter blend of gas. experts seem to think that we could, we could see some relief later on this week. unusual talk this morning
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coming out of silicon valley. layoffs. though scott mcgrew says they're probably unique to just one industry. >> santa clarita-based anti-virus company mcafee will lay off workers. people are buying far fewer computers these days. now, mcafee was purchased by intel last year. intel's ceo the other day pointing out that that company hasn't added a job in california in ten years. the traditional computer industry suffering because of the popularity of tablets and smartphones. speaking of phones, sprint says you can now reserve your own custom vanity phone number, like star star-marla or star star-johnny k.. it costs $3 a month. you keep your original phone number as well, but anyone using any cell phone on another service should be able to do
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that prefix, star star and then marla and then get marla. back to you. >> i kind of like it. >> it could work, wouldn't it? >> $3 a month. i can afford that. >> and star star works perfectly in front of your name. a big star. >> sure. >> and speaking of another star, christina loren is here. is it a five-star forecast. >> it is if those giants win. boy do we want them to get into the world series. let's talk about showers right now. we're watching some pretty interesting activity. this has been such a tough forecast this week, because this area of low pressure has been sitting and rotating offshore. now, today, it's going to get the push it needs to bring us some very light, spotty showers. we're not expecting much. you don't have to bring that sbrel around and carry it with you today, but count on a little bit of light activity as we head throughout this afternoon. a better chance tomorrow. we stop the clock on your futurecast at 2:00 p.m. look at this, showers all the way down the southern california coastline and a few showers down over the south bay mountains. as we head throughout the next couple of days, we're going to
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kind of keep this pattern very hit or miss when it comes to those showers. as we head through today, tomorrow, and thursday, the cold air arrives. our first sierra snow. last tuesday, we hit 112 in gilroy. hard to believe. we stop that clock for you again. 5:00 a.m. friday, another slight chance for some showers, and then we're going to clear you-out as we head into the upcoming weekend and warm your temperatures out. so 67 degrees in san francisco for today. 65 out in livermore. and you'll hit right around 71 in los gatos. the a's taking on the tigers right here at home. oakland coliseum. lots of fans will be filling all those stands. 64 degrees at 6:07. i'm not expecting a rain delay by any means, but some light shower activity. and cincinnati, breezy conditions could come into play. this game will get underway in the next few hours. you can catch the game on our
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sister station. it's going to be cold out there. 69 degrees by thursday and we warm up as we head into the weekend. back to you guys. >> that's right. let's go g-man and let's go a's. getting it done. the cold hard reality for both bay area baseball teams, do or be done time, win or simply go home. >> the giants and the a's both starting off their post-season push with two losses. jim is live where the a's are trying to recapture their hot streak. >> reporter: good morning. we've got to find out just how resilient the oakland athletics need to be. right now trailing two games to one in their als-d series. who gets the ball tonight for the athletics? it's a left-hander by the name of bret anderson. his first start in three weeks. on september 19th against zroit, he strained his oblique. he's coming back from tommy john surgery a year ago. if there is a game, a.j. griffin
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will get the call. he's 7-1 this year. a's are down in the series, but josh redick says they're ready for the challenge. >> no biting our fingernails in our lockers and be quiet, we'll be the same guys we are all year. >> really not going to play the game any different as we did, you know, the games to get us here. and is it a big game? absolutely. >> reporter: so tonight, game three. first pitch at 6:07 p.m. it's the a's taking on the detroit tigers. they are expecting a sold-out crowd of over 36,000 fans here for this one. it should be fun. it will start in just under seven hours from now. we'll know if those a's are resilient. recent history shows they did it against texas to finish off the season. maybe they do it here to finish it off. guys, back to you. >> thank you, jim. i think they are going to do it
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again. in cincinnati, a similar story. the giants facing elimination. they'll have to win all three games in cincinnati to advance. game three is this afternoon at 2:30. so we're, what, three hours away from game time there. >> countdown is on. are you calorie counting but your waistline is still growing? your refrigerator, jon, may be to blame. we'll explain why. >> that must be it. and out with the old, in with the new. a new hospital gown that gives you more dignity and more comfort. plus, to join our discussion, check us out on facebook. we are logged on right now. just search "nbc bay area." >> marla just put up a picture. and this is a live look out from our san bruno cam. that is mt. tam there. look at those clouds. like big scoops of whipped cream out there. christina loren telling us about some precipitation in our future. hang tight. >> coming up next, it's "30
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hospital gowns are known for being less than comfortable and many would say just plain ugly. sharon lidner has a history of breast cancer in her family. so she came up with a new style of hospital gown that is more comfortable for mammogram patients. the gown opens in the front instead of the back and it's called the jane. >> treatment is difficult enough, uncomfortable enough. so why do you have to be even more uncomfortable? >> well, so far the jane is just a prototype. lidner plans to have it available for purchase online later this month. a portion of the sales will be donated to help pay for mammograms for women in need. okay. how about this one? the size of your refrigerator could be linked to the size of your waistline. no joke here. a professor at the university of north carolina at chapel hill says the growing scale of home
11:24 am
appliances is now enabling stressed out and over worked families to start stockpiling convenient foods, which typically are less nutritious than homemade meals. according to the association of home appliance manufacturers, refrigerators now average 22.5 cubic feet compared to back in 1980, when it was a mere average of 19.6. >> hmm. go ahead. >> i was just going to say, instead of working out, just trim down that fridge. >> i guess so. coming up, the holiday shopping season according to neiman marks.
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welcome back, everyone. that hyped up daring free fall from space had to be aborted because of wind. unfortunately, felix bumgartner was attempting to make a jump from 2,200 miles up in the air, but mother nature said no. he was going to open up that
11:27 am
parachute about a mile above the desert. if successful, he would have become the first skydiver to ever break the sound barrier. word is they may try this one again tomorrow. it's not quite halloween yet, but the official start of the holiday shopping season, according to neiman marcus. >> here's a look at what's being offered in neiman marcus' annual christmas book. we begin with an adrenaline rush. this water-propelled jet pack will only set you back $99,500. >> i want one. >> what about a snowy owl portrait. this cost $70,000. >> i'll pass on that. >> then there's the 2013 mcclairin 12-c spyder. this car is said of all the high-tech about it, more than $350,000. then there's the his and her watches, $1.1 million, to start. >> do you want the car or the watch? >> both. >> good answer. >> thanks for being with us. join us tonight. and all day long online. bye!
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